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Breaking News: Mac Miller To Release “Live From Space” Album On December 17th

BREAKING NEWS! Just moments ago, Mac Miller took to twitter to announce that he will be releasing a new album, “Live From Space” on December 17th. The album will contain live recordings from his successful “Space Migration Tour” in which he toured with a band, The Internet.

As exciting as that sounds, the fun doesn’t stop with just audio clips from tour. Additionally, the album is set to contain 5 bonus tracks that didn’t make the final cut onto ‘Watching Movies With The Sound Off.’ Those tracks being:

1. Eggs Aisle
2. Earth Ft Future
3. Life
4. Black Bush
5. In The Morning

Mac’s brother, Miller McCormik created the artwork, which is featured below. You can preorder the album on itunes now. No word yet on if physical copies will be available.

Remember a couple weeks ago, when no one believed our report about this project??

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