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Blue Slide Park On Sale Now!!

It just hit midnight on the east coast so that means only one thing! Mac Miller’s debut album “Blue Slide Park” is now on sale. Digital copies are available on iTunes/Amazon/Mac Miller’s Store. but if your in the market for a hard copy they’ll be avaialbe at your local Target, Best Buy, FYE, HotTopic Etc. Congrats to everyone involved with this project, including E. Dan, Big Jerm, Sweet James, Q, Treejay, Lil Dave, Willie Whips, Bill Niels, DJ Clockwork, Rex Arrow, Benjy, Artie, and everyone else from Rostrum and Mostdope that I forgot to mention. Most importantly congrats to the man himself, Mac Miller on his debut album. Not only did he supply us with a classic album, but he did it on his own independently! Happy #BlueSlideParkDay!!



Don’t forget that everyone that submits a picture of themselves with the Blue Slide Park album will get a follow from @pitpanther01 & @macmillersite. Send the pictures to, all the pics will be used be for a special Mac Miller tribute. If your buying a digital album just take the picture with your ipod or whatever mp3 player it might be.