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Blue Slide Park Listening Party (Pics + Review)

Since there isn’t a listening session in the burgh and we didn’t get to go to the one in New York, we’ll continue to provide you guys with updates from the people that have attended. Here is one from HipHopUpdate, not really much of a review but a bunch of pics and reactions.

I’ve been following Mac Miller’s career for a little while now and I’ve noticed hip hop fans either love him or hate him – for whatever reason. I personally enjoy what he does on the microphone because he stays true to what he knows, he has fun with it and he can definitely spit. I’d rather listen to “Kool Aid & Frozen Pizza” over a lot of tracks that get released nowadays.

With that said, I was incredibly fascinated when I got the invite to Mac Miller’s album listening session because I wanted to know how he stepped his game up for his formal debut release of  Blue Slide Park. Did he rise above and beyond for the album? Is it just like another mixtape? Click below for my brief reaction:

Mac kept it casual in a hoodie, khaki’s and chancletas as he said a few words about his journey and his arrival at the release of Blue Slide Park. He seemed slightly nervous as a room full of heavy hitters in the industry all watched him. As soon as the music kicked in, however, he was in the zone.

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Thumbs up from Matt and Q. The album started off with a reflective, thoughtful track that reminded me of the opening of Best Day Ever but slipped right in to some heavy hitting material with the title track. Next was his new single, “Party on 5th Ave.”

With Cristal appropriately in hand, we slipped in to “PA Nights,” which is an ode to those party nights where your ducking the cops. “Frick Park Market” and “Smile Back” are next, but we’ve heard those.  With the next track, “Under the Weather,” playing, Mac firmly said ‘This is my shit!’ with a big smile on his face. An album favorite?

I can’t recall what the next tracks sounded like, but track 10 should DEFINITELY be an album single. That track is called “Up All Night” and will ROCK any live show or party. ‘Fill it up, fill it up!’ Mac Miller exclaims over a fast paced instrumental.

The last track he played was a thoughtful song – a great way to end an album. In my notes (1 too many brews at this point) all I have are the words “Hashtag Mac” and “Rumpelstiltskin.”

If I’m going to give the album an honest overall evaluation, I would say that Blue Slide Park embodies exactly what his rabid fans love about Mac Miller’s music – the fun factor, clever wordplay,solid production, & more – BUT ON ANOTHER LEVEL.

He and his team really stepped it up on this release and I think his fans will react to it accordingly. The album drops on November 8th via Rostrum Records.