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Action Bronson & Mac Miller To Release New Collaboration

Action Bronson has been at work for several months preparing his newest release, ‘Blue Chips 2.’ While the project does not have an official release date, because it will be released “the first day it rains in November”, Action dropped the tracklist today.

Reading through the 19 tracklist, track #10, “Twin Peugeots” caught our attention. This one features Big Body Bes and…dun…dun…dun…Mac Miller.

After hearing Mac and Action do their thing on “Red Dot Music”, there is no way music fans can’t be excited for this brand new track. It the track is even half as good as “Red Dot”, it will still be an amazing track. Stay tuned for this coming soon.

(Shirtless pic, because fat guys without shirts on is always funny, right?)

View the full tracklist here