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5 Reasons Why You Should Buy Blue Slide Park On November 8th!

A lot of people still haven’t pre-ordered Mac Miller’s debut album “Blue Slide Park” yet or they haven’t decided if they wanted to buy it yet. I’m here to give you guys good reasons to buy the album next Tuesday, November 8th.

5 reasons why you should buy blue slide park on november 8th

1. Mac Miller is in an independent artist
-It is easy to sell albums while on a major label, selling albums independently is nearly impossible.
-Since he is not signed to a major label, Mac Miller has “Let the fans tell the story” as he describes it.
2. Mac Miller does what he wants on this album
-So many times when signed to a major label an artist has to change their style so that they get radio play.
-From the singles released we know that Mac Miller is gonna have fun and rap how he wants.
3. We can help make history!
-Releasing an album through an independent label is something that never happens in hiphop.
-Next week we have a great chance to push Mac Miller to the top of Billboards 200 album chart.
4. Mac has given us enough free music lets support him!
-Over the past few years Mac Miller has supplied us with 7 free mixtapes, the least that we can do is spend 10$ to support him.
-Most of you guys have probably only heard the last 2 or 3 mixtapes, but if the album is anything like those tapes it will surely be worth your money.
5. Blue Slide Park is a homegrown album
-Everything about Blue Slide Park is taken from Mac Miller’s roots.
-Blue Slide Park is the playground that he grew up and even the lead single, “Frick Park Market” represents his childhood as the place he ate at when he was younger.
-The album is only Mac Miller with no features at all. Also the production on the album features predominately Pittsburgh producers from ID Labs with no major production.
-Even the artwork is homegrown in the fact that Mac’s brother illustrated it.

Please pre-order now on iTunes/Amazon/MacMiller’sStore. Also be sure to trend #ImBuyingBlueSlidePark on twitter if your gonna buy the album like a real fan! We need to help make indy artist history!!