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5 Great Ways To Enjoy “Watching Movies With The Sound Off”

Less than a month ago, Mac Miller released an incredible album with “Watching Movies With The Sound Off.” While we can’t stop playing it, we have found several ways in which we enjoy the album. Check out our 5 ways and give us ways you enjoy the album by hitting us up on twitter @macmillersite.

#5 While You Work Out

It’s the summer time and many people are hitting up the gyms to work out and stay in shape. While you’re at the gym with your headphones on, playing WMWTSO is a great way to stay motivated.

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#4 Car Trips

The summer is time of travel! It seems as though every one is taking vactions to the beach or going away for weekends. On these trips, the car ride can get pretty boring! Playing the album helps pass the time quickly and smoothly.

#3 Listen With Friends

Invite your friends over and roll up and smoke some weed, drink a few beers, play videos, etc. and throw on the album. It can take a fun time and turn it into a great time!

#2 See It Live

Mac Miller is currently touring on “The Space Migration Tour” where he’s playing a number of songs off the album. There’s nothing like seeing a song performed live! See Mac when he’s in your city!

#1 When You’re Bored

And last, but not least, “Watching Movies With The Sound Off” is most enjoyed when you’re bored. The album takes a boring and sad day and turns into an adventure with its numerous emotions and sounds. There are songs on here that anyone can relate to that will surely free you of boredom!

What is your favorite way to enjoy the album?? Let us know @macmillersite on twitter